What is the Cheapest Stock Photo Site for a Small to Medium Business?

Finding the cheapest stock photo site for your business depends on what your daily and weekly stock photo needs are. Depending on if your small to medium-sized business uses just a few photos each day or hundreds per month really influences what kind of savings you can expect to find. In this post, we will introduce you to some recommend cheap stock photo sites that can help your business get the high-quality images you need at a price that works for your budget.


Businesses with Low to Moderate Stock Photo Needs

Perhaps you only need stock photos are not very regular and you just need access every so often. Then a credit package would work best for you.

A great place to start is Fotolia which offers credit packages that can save you money. For $20 you can get 5 XXL photos or 10 medium images. If your stock photo needs are not frequent and you might only need some right now, this can be one of the cheapest sites to find stock photos. At the price of $2 for 10 medium images, youll be able to get a quick boost of high-quality stock photos. One negative of Fotolia is that his price is only good for one month. Your download credits will expire if you dont renew your plan. If you want to subscribe for more months, you will gain access to a better price point. You can save money by registering on longer periods.

If your business needs less than 8 stock photos per month, the cheapest stock photo site for your needs would be finding one that offers a low credit package. For example, the annual membership to Dollar Photo Club will give you access to 99 images that you can download throughout the entire year. If youre using just 8 stock photos per month, your costs would be just $8.25 per month for high-quality stock photos. If you ever need more than the 99 stock photos, you can download as many more as you want for just $1 more.

If your business consistently requires between 10-50 stock photos per month, you have moderate stock photo needs. Youll require a solution that gives you more photos for less. The best option for your business is 99 Club. For $99, you can download 200 images for an entire year.

If youre using just 16 images per month, your cost for the entire year would equal out to just $8.25 per month. For every photo you need over the allotted 200, you pay $1 each. So if you need 20 stock photos per month, your monthly expenditure for a membership with 99 Club would equal out to just $11.58 per month. Even if you needed 50 photos per month, you monthly equivalent would cost just $40.58.

99 Club is certainly one of the cheapest stock photo sites for small to medium businesses.

Businesses with Moderate to Large Stock Photo Requirements

Does your business use 100, 200, or 750 stock photos each month? For businesses with large stock photo needs, you will find a subscription plan to be most cost effective. While businesses that dont need many stock photos each month will find that theyre not using their allotment with a subscription model, your business will and youll see significant savings.

PhotoSpin is one of the cheapest stock photos sites available to business owners with large stock photo needs. With two subscription models, you have the choice between the Plus and the Super Plus plans. The difference between the two is that the Super Plus plan gives you access to larger images that you can use on posters and large print outs. For businesses needing 500 downloads each month the Plus plan costs $429 for the entire year while the Super Plus costs $649. Both of these plans would cost $35.75 and $54.08 per month with a price per image of $0.07 and $0.10 respectively. PhotoSpin also offers these same subscription plans with access to 750 downloads per month for increased savings.

Finding the Cheapest Stock Photo Site for Your Business

After youve determined the amount of stock photos your business will need, you can make an intelligent choice as to which stock photo company to use. Since each business requires different amounts of stock photos, its important to realize where you stand then find the solution that is cheapest for you.

We hope this post has helped you find the cheapest stock photo site for your business. Please leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

Best Source for Stock Photos

Best Source for Stock Photos

Cheap Stock Photo

Stock Photos are the essentials in blogging and web design needs due to the fact they add visual design and appreciation for the readers or visitors. They give the initial impression of whether or not a site is worth checking out. Aside from websites, stock photos are also used in projects ? and to make a project not look so dull and boring, adding images can really spice up the reading ambience.

There are a lot of sources for stock photos. There are many that offer free stock photos and other relevant content but do not expect much when it comes to both quality and quantity. There are sites that offer expensive but top-quality content. Because stock photos are a commodity with high demand, many sites take advantage of the prices. However, there are also sites that offer reasonable prices and affordable single purchases and subscription rates.

When youre looking for the best source for stock photos, you must always consider the following factors:

  • Site accessibility and interface?because first impressions last. A website that offers stock photos for sale should make you feel comfortable browsing through their pages. It all comes down to personal taste and preference ? some would like a flashy interface while some would prefer a simple layout for a comfortable browse.
  • Quantity and Quality?this is basically the most important factor because a great source must have a lot of high quality content so that you have a wide variety of selections to choose from. There are some sites that offer the images you need but they dont have as much selection as one of the best sites. Again, it comes down to personal preference as ones need is a bigger deciding factor than another option than offers a bigger selection but doesnt have those needed content.
  • Pricing?is the next most important factor to Quantity and Quality. For some, price is not a problem, which is why there are several sources of stock photos that offer excellent high-quality images but at hefty prices and still got a lot of clients. But not many can afford the luxury of spending plenty of money investing on stock photos for their websites or projects.

Once youve figured out and prioritized your stock photo needs, you may now check these sources for getting one of the best quantity and quality stock photos in the market.

  • iStockPhoto?is owned by Getty, making them a reliable source for cheap stock photos you can invest your money in. They offer excellent stock photos quality-wise and quantity-wise.
  • Bigstock?offers one of the cheapest monthly subscription rates and also provide a free trial of 5 images per day for a span of 7 days ? totaling 35 free images in a week!
  • Fotolia with its international expansion and planned integration with the Adobe Creative Cloud, Fotolia will continue serve all types of clients but will considerably improve their services. They also offer one of the cheapest price for single image around.
  • Shutterstock?as one of the most popular source of stock photos around, Shutterstuck has a very large library of content and is among the most reliable, boasting plenty of positive feedback and reviews.